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Penglai easy fruit

Every fruit selection,Apple in China!

Great shape Fruit

Natural growth,No added purity,Planting pollution-free,Artificial fertilization,Good water,Natural health fruit。

Colour and lustre is gorgeous Sweet and delicious

Apple color seductive,Thin brittle jin pure,Sweet flavour experience out crunch。

Thin skin crisp meat Fresh crisp, juicy

Thin skin and juicy,A big full light bite,Sweet juice between lips to show,Let you forget。

Penglai easy fruit

About us

Penglai easy or fruit co., LTD. Is a company of yantai penglai cold storage,Main business of yantai apple、Yantai Fuji apple、Selenium-rich apple、Organic apple、Yantai packaging、Red apple、Stripe apple、Apple wholesale、Penglai apple and so on,Fruit plantation management、After the acquisition、Origin precooling、Frozen storage、The primary classification、Processing and packaging、Cold chain logistics in the integration of agricultural services,Fuji apple by fruit storage,Production of new products to adapt to market changes based on the international market,To make a market potential,A competitive advantage,Comprehensive benefits of the new products are on the market。

My company's management objective is to provide high quality for all consumers、High nutritional value of natural green healthy fruits and vegetables。The company since its establishment insisted on“The best price on equal quality,The same price the optimal service”Sales principle by the cooperation of merchants high praise。

Penglai easy fruit co., LTD., adhering to the good product quality and the sincere cooperation of faith to meet customer demand.Welcome to penglai inspect our company,We will receive you with sincere heart,In the near future look forward to establish good relations of cooperation with your company,Let us join hands to,Create a better future!

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Easy to style

Easy fruit of red Fuji apple fruit weight,There is9-11%Is a simple sugars,And the flesh tightly,Than many other apple varieties sweetness and joy,Thus generally like by consumers all over the world。

Easy or fruit red Fuji apple fruit containing soluble materials17.2%,Titratable acid0.25%,Sugar acid ratio47:56,Each hectogram containing pulpVC4.41Mg,But also contain carotene、Fat、The protein、Ca、FeSuch as the human body needs nutrients。

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